Why a Greenhouse Is the Perfect Building for Winter Months

With the summer we have just had, if you could call it that, we find winter has come around all a bit too quickly. You might think that with the night’s drawing in or the drop in temperature will put an end to your gardening and crop growing this year, but you’ll find a greenhouse is the perfect remedy for this and you won’t find yourself waiting till next year until you have to grow again.

Advantages of a Greenhouse

The main advantage of a greenhouse over winter is that it allows you to take control of the environment that your plants are growing in. Although the weather might be cold and harsh on the inside there are many items that can help you maintain that optimum growing temperature for plants. Firstly, the first item of real benefit is a good thermostat as this will help you monitor the temperature inside and help you to keep it regulated to that perfect temperature. With today’s technology you can even purchase ones that you can monitor wireless from the comfort of your home.


To help with heat inside your greenhouse you could look at purchasing a greenhouse heater. This is a great way to pump warm air in and around your greenhouse to provide your plants with the warmth they need to grow. To help retain the heat you can try and insulate your greenhouse. Covering vents and holes that were previously used to cool plants in the summer will help you keep the warmth internally. You can use paper, old fabric or even bubble wrap, which will also help with reducing the amount of frost on your plants.

Winter Vegetables to Grown In a Greenhouse

‘Leafy’ vegetables grow well in a greenhouse over winter and it is the perfect way to give them best possible start to next year. Plants such as lettuces and other salad plants are really easy to go as they do not require a lot of sunlight and can survive in cold temperatures. Furthermore, these plants can suffer badly from pests in the summer but seen as most pest hibernate the plants are able to get the best of the atmosphere and safety of a greenhouse. more